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Traduction francaise de BG2 : EE et du siege de Dragonspear

Juste une question est ce que ces deux trucs sont traduit, sinon y'a des projets ou des dates ?
-- on peut lire sur un post de Isaya datant de juillet 2020 :

JuliusBorisov wrote: »
But the volunteer translators worked hard and finished a new translation for the console release. They also translated SoD.

The French translation for BG2 and SoD will come to the PC version of the game with the 2.6 patch. It hasn't been added to the PC version yet (but it's available on Switch, PS4 and Xbox) because we haven't released the 2.6 patch.

Actually it's not volunteers who translated BG2EE and SoD in french for consoles but a company. Our team of volunteers never started on SoD and were still far from completing BG2EE either.
Still it's nice to get confirmation that this translation will be included in the next patch for other platforms. Until now I don't think there was any commitment about that.

Donc, je jette un coup d'oeil sur Steam, et pour la dernière mise à jour 2.6 beta, je lis ceci :
__ French Text Localization
The 2.6 Patch will add new French Text Localization to Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
Oh ok merci, je vais donc continuer ma partie de BG1 pour enfin decouvrir le siege de dragonspear !