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X4 Foundations

Garde royal
Un nouveau X à partir d'un moteur 3D dérivé de X-Rebirth, cela t'intéresse AbounI ?

- Title X4 Foundation
- You can fly all ships, Caphips included (they even had a video with proff that you can steer capship yourself).
- player decals on ships
- station walk reduced to very nice looking platform/starport and ship interiors.
- every ship has an interior, fighters included.
- Ships have crews that have specific jobs to do.
- Paranids confirmed.
- you can fully destroy station and faction
- Borons are unofficailly under work, but will propably not make into first X4 release due to their specific desing troubles
- release date is planned for 2018
- not yet decided if there will be an Early Access
- aim for steam workshop modding
- there will be some kind of research options
- there will be late game teleporter device that will allow you (you body) to teleport to any ship you own.
- Argon Prime is location in X4 (I also assume reading X3:AP and XR lore that PAranid Prime will also be part of X4 universe, but this is juxt my guess).
- Carriers are in (there was video of one M-size ship with the landing platform for fighters).
- Much better map with layers of filters (e.g. trade information, combat information etc.)
- GUI optimized for mouse (video of map/GUI trade via mouse)
- Big Argon ship called Behemot (it's the one we saw "directly driving from the seat of captain") that looks like obese Fulmekron
- Argo Nova that looks like none Nova from previous games,
- Argon fighter that resemble X-BTF Discoverer.
- Some kind of Paranid corvette with at least two turrets.
- (Bernd mention, no video) Teladi ships will more closely resemble the designs from X3.
- Teladi ship called (?) Peregrine that looks like upsized, upgunned Teladi Falcon from X3
- there will be several game starts where you can be diffrent faction/race and each start will have little backstory/plot.
- there is no plans for build in "customize your starting character" option (however I think custom gamestart via mods will be pretty obvious).

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Garde royal

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Grand gobelin
Pus l'temps de jouer en ce moment. Pis quand j'en aurais fini, d'ici là, j'aurais un combat demo à m'faire pour le prochain TNW
Pis bon, ma config commence à dater (Phenom 940 BE, ATI 5850, 6 GO de Ram), donc le jeux récent ou très gourmand, j'les regarde même plus.

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