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Wild terra est un simulateur de vie en ligne massivement multi-joueurs dans un monde médiéval entièrement géré par les joueurs.


Dans ce lieu, tout le monde trouvera une occupation qui lui tient à coeur ; explorer le monde, chasser, fabriquer, décorer des maisons, combattre et siéger des châteaux.
Démarre comme un survivant -devient un roi médiéval!

Caractéristiques principales :
Un monde médiéval européen réaliste du 10ème siècle immense et ouvert à explorer.
Le monde est créé et géré par les joueurs. Il n’y a aucun château pré-construit, pnj ou quêtes dans le jeu. Les joueurs feront tout eux-mêmes, construire des routes, défricher des forêts, fonder des villes… ils transformeront le serveur à leur convenance!
Vous pouvez construire ce que vous voulez où bon vous semble. Que ce soit un feu de camp pour la nuit ou un château entier, cela n’a pas d’importance.
Un système de métier poussé avec des domaines différents pour se livrer par exemple à : l’agriculture, l’élevage d’animaux, la cuisine, l’exploration, la forge. Il y a beaucoup de ressources à récolter et de recettes à apprendre.
Une économie libre entièrement gérée par les joueurs. Tout le monde tire profit de ses compétences et des échanges. Le système de gestion des ressources répartit celle-ci de manière inégale sur l’ensemble de la carte obligeant ainsi les joueurs à coopérer pour prospérer.
Le succès dans le pvp dépend de la stratégie et de l'habilitée du joueur. La sage utilisation du terrain et de son équipement sont les clés de la victoire dans la bataille. Un haut niveau et un meilleur équipement ne signifie pas une victoire garantie.
Il y a des serveurs en survie pure et dure avec l’abandon au sol de tout l’ équipement porté à la mort, avec possibilité de destruction des bâtiments et du pvp, mais il y a aussi des serveurs tranquilles pour ceux qui préfèrent une atmosphère paisible et le contenu non pvp du jeu.

Site web officiel du projet:

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Help Wild Terra to become one of the best "Indie of the Year 2015"

Wild Terra became one of the nominees for the title of the best indie game in 2015.
Support us by clicking on the link, and press Vote!
1 day until the end of voting!
December 11 will be announced the voting results and selected 100 of the best indie games of the year.

Everyone who votes has a chance to get a free key to one of these games!


A year has passed since the alpha-test of Wild Terra started.
During this year, the game evolved and changed rapidly. It's difficult to imagine, but one year ago there was even no chatting and running features in Wild Terra. For newcomers it was especially difficult, because at that time the game did not even have a beginner’s guide. Hundreds of bugs were found and fixed, thanks to you! The most helpful testers were granted with the Duke keys.

During this year we added a huge amount of content to the game, a lot of new recipes, building schemes, craft chains, and much more. Along with the addition of new content, we constantly updated the graphics of the game.

This is how Wild Terra looked before:

Now everything looks way better, right?

We also updated the audio of the game: we’ve added background music and sounds to most actions in the game. 8 months ago, when we didn't have a test server, we had to perform two wipes. We again apologize for the inconvenience.

The current number of Wild Terra servers exceeds one dozen. People from all over the world play the game — we even have players from Reunion. :)

With such a wide geography, the game has been translated into 10 (!) languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese and Bulgarian.

During 2015, we held a few contests and free key distributions.
Wild Terra made it into the Top 100 Indie Games list of the year, according to IndieDB. The 10 best games are being chosen by gamers right now. Vote for Wild Terra to help us achieve a place in the list!

We have become partners with Gamepedia and opened an official wiki page which is edited and updated by our active players.

An interview was given to the world's largest portal about MMO games -
Here you can find a summary of what the press thinks of our project.

We were together to celebrate Halloween, and we hope you are going to join us on Christmas.
Click here to read about what the Wild Terra developers have planned for next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In 2016, we will give our best effort to provide you with the best gaming experience!

Keep up the news, folks! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
Christmas Holidays in Wild Terra! Update 0.7.22

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our team wants to give you a holiday mood!
From December 23 to January 8, a special holiday event will be going in Wild Terra. There will be new content that we’ve added recently: gifts, snowmen, festive costumes, snowballs… Lots of new stuff!
To get the presents, Christmas costume, and a special title faster, you can purchase our new Christmas bundle

All regular bundles will be on sale at Christmas! Please note that they were reworked: there are less of them now.

Winter has come to the world of Wild Terra. Woods and glades are covered with snow. Lakes are frozen, and they are no longer an obstacle.
Play snowballs, make snowmen, present gifts, decorate your houses and don’t forget about a Christmas tree!

Tests are stopped. Update 0.7.22 is on live servers now. Thank you for the help with testing!
Download updated client here

More information:
0.7.22 New features
We’ve added new Christmas structures, items, gifts and clothes. To get them, you’ll have to gather new materials.
Search for rare snowflakes in the snow or hunt deers to get Christmas presents!
Play snowballs, make snowmen, decorate a Christmas tree, present gifts to your neighbors and you won't be left without one too!
Leave a present at your neighbor’s door and after an hour a random gift will appear.
Hang a Christmas sock in a safe place and go to sleep. After 8 hours check it again to see what you’ve got.
Hunt hares, wolves and bears to acquire wool, which can be worked into wool cloth.
We’ve added snowdrifts and a new plant (madder). Roots of this plant are used for dyeing wool and flax cloth.
Cut mistletoe’s branches from trees with a knife.
Cut fir cones and branches with a knife.
Iron and steel scissors were added to weaving craft.
Potter’s wheel was added to the game. You’ll need it to craft pots.
Updated graphics of the wooden hut, fixed door colors.
Updated graphics of iron armor, added graphics of steel armor.

Craft and building UI was changed to make more room for needed materials.
Time before the dominium dilapidation starts increased from 3 to 7 days
Carpets don’t block the way anymore.
Windmill now a also grinds bones and mistletoe roots
Optimized loading of map fragments.
Optimized movement of other players. Now they move smoothly.
Game client translations updated. If you want to help us with the localization into your native language, contact us via email:
The game is updated to version

Game client and server has been updated to version To continue playing you need to download an updated version.
If you do not have access to the game, you can purchase it on our website.

Download the client update

List of changes:
Updated graphics of frame houses, added various kinds of roofs and vertical column for the awnings.
Updated graphics of city fences and gates, now they are 2 types.
Updated graphics for warm sleeping place.
Added the Dutch language.
Changed the requirements for resources and tools to of frame houses and city fences.
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Open test 0.7.23

Test server for testing version 0.7.23 is open. Help us to look for bugs and report them in detail.
Test client works separately from the main and does not interfere with play.

Download the test client here:

New in 0.7.23

Now you can build a gallows, executioner's block, pillory and scaffold.
Now you can build a stone towers and barbican.
Updated graphics of stone walls. For stone blocks was added versions with roofs.
Added animation for the wolf head hat.


Fixed overlay graphics of some buildings to objects in front of them.
Now the inventory window is displayed simultaneously with the opening of any container.
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New Official Trailer

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Interface evolution in Wild Terra

Interface’s purpose
Graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of interface that allows players to interact with a game. It should be handy and practical, but, at the same time, stylish and good-looking. How usable an interface is determines friendliness of the game to new players and mass audience. And when it looks nice it becomes hard to cease playing.

Beginning stage of development. First interface
After all basic functions of the game were fully prepared, we started to think about the design and style creation for the interface. For this task we hired a freelancer, who had examples of his work suitable for Wild Terra. A budget of the project wasn’t big and we made a deal for a moderate cost, but with a 50% prepayment. Soon enough we got first versions of the interface and determined the visual style, but after this the freelance suddenly disappeared. The rest of the work was finished by Mikhail — our art-director.

At that stage of development our budget wasn’t enough to order a set of icons, so we decided to use renders of 3D-models as item icons. As action icon we used our own sketches.

Necessity of the current interface update
The project continued to evolve, but the interface remained unchanged. We didn’t like the old icons, and they even started to irritate our eyes. We added new features and widened in-game functions, and along with this, the current interface had to be constantly updated. It wasn’t very handy as well. This continued for about a year, before we decided to change the interface — reconsider visual, technical and practical parts of the interface to create a perfect version. We also kept in mind that in the future we’ll need to add: new windows and new functions to the existing ones.

Work on the new interface and icons
A talented artist Linara joined our team, her main purpose was to rework icons and design new interface — elaborate a unique GUI for Wild Terra. The item images were renewed step by step: each update a new portion of redrawn icons appeared in the game.

When all 3D-model renders were replaced with pictures, we started to redesign interface. We tried several versions with different element placement and scale before choosing the one that suited us most of all. After that, Linara got down to work on windows, buttons, and other elements of UI design.

Here are some examples of how the windows changed:

Oncoming development of the game and interface
Completely reworked interface in Wild Terra well speed up and simplify adding new features and improving the existing ones:

active abilities;
craft and construction chains refreshing and adding new schemes/recipes;

Development and implementation of these features will take time, but, right now, we hope you’ll like new interface and possibilities of the game!

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« Un peuple prêt à sacrifier un peu de liberté pour un peu de sécurité ne mérite ni l'une ni l'autre, et finit par perdre les deux. » Benjamin Franklin
A basic set of 3d-models and animations is ready

A basic set of 3d-models and animations for new server is ready. Still not everything is perfect, but it is already possible to connect and use, while our team will improve and fix the models and animations.

We are working on the generation of the Game World and the increase its size
The new map will be generated and consists of such fragments:

Very soon there will be a video review of the first update on the new server, as well as some details about the testing!
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New world of Wild Terra. Open test

Open the test server for testing the New World and the new Wild Terra client! We were working on this update within a few months. Currently, it is the largest patch, and the game is greatly changed. Infographic tell you about the major innovations

Anyone can take part in the testing and help us to find errors and flaws, order to this update came rather to the main servers.

If you enjoy the game, you can support us by purchasing the early access. During tests - an additional discount to the bundles!

Download the new test client ...
The test client is installed separately from the main and does not interfere with play. Tests will last for a few days