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Age of Decadence - Public Beta R3.2

Uploadé le 06/03/2021

- Fixed issue with the AG staying locked if you went directly to the inn in the vignette.
- Fixed bug in which you couldn't see Antidas if you didn't show him the map after completing the quests for Dellar.
- Fixed issues with rat poison and the food merchant.
- Fixed bug with Aemolas in which you could go to their house, exit dialogue and kill them one by one.
- Fixed damage for krokspar and trident.
- Fixed issue with huge Daratan reputation gain if you convinced the Bandits to attack the mine.
- Fixed issue with huge Commercium reputation gain when you complete MG2.
- Killing Miltiades in the last conversation you have with him nets bodycount.
- Killing Miltiades inside his house no longer causes troubles with the guards.
- You now lose 2 of you current HP when you get beaten at the palace.
- You can ask Feng about Ibn Hadad al-Sarabi if you are his apprentice.
- The merchant outside the MG now disapears after failing to pull the ring from him during the Linos' Gold quest.
- The merchant inside the MG now disappears if you got the ring posing as a beggar.
- Cado now recognizes that Feng is gone when thinking about the document in TG1, and the journal reflects that.
- Fixed the infinite loop with Mercato in MG1.
- You now get the golden goblets you steal when infiltrating the Daratan palace.
- Fixed issue with the exit screen at the 800x600 resolution.
- Description now properly appears in the inventory screen at 800x600.
- Centered the play gui slots at the 800x600 resolution.
- The GUI no longer displays 0 AP and 0 HP after changing graphical options.
- If an inventory filter is selected (e.g. Show Weapons), then close the inventory screen, the filter will no longer be unusable the next time you open it.
- When getting knocked down by a hammer and stand up, your AP display is now properly updated.
- When strength gets damaged, the damage range on your weapon is properly updated.
- You can no longer craft lightened karda or plumbatas.
- The Daratan soldiers at the mine can no longer be killed without consequences.
- Fixed several issues with arrow collisions on knocked down characters.
- THe game no longer considers you part of the commercium when you are expelled.
- Fixed issue with hand slots in play screen at 800x600 resolution.
- Fixed buttons in the exit screen at 800x600 resolution.
- Fixed issue with HP and AP info not updating in the play gui.
- Fixed issue with duplicated cart during the mob scene in TG3.
- The preacher conversation no longer triggers if he is dead.
- Fixed some passability issues at the IG fort.
- The cursor will no longer detect the second floor doors of the IG fort when you are on the first floor.
- Fixed charisma check with Carrinas when joined after betraying the MG.
- Fixed issue with the barricades collision at the mining outpost.
- Constitution now greatly lowers the chance of getting stat damage. Now having 10 means only 10% to get stat damage, instead of 20%, 9 has 20% instead of 30%, 8 has 30% instead of 45% and 7 has 40% instead of 65%. 6 has 50% and anything lower 60%.
- Penalized defenses for dodge are 3% instead of 4%, while for block they are 9% instead of 8%.
- You can now add Reinforced technique to armors, which increase the armor vsCS.
- The tower at the mining outpost is less of a chokepoint.
- Implemented a new dialogue screen format.
- Added alchemy system.
- Changed the metal of some enemy armors.
- Changed hardened armor first level from 40 to 50.
- Increased the price of iron, steel and blue steel.
- Changed CS formula. Now chance is CS - vsCS + 5. Minimum chance is 5 + CS/10.
- Netting a victim causes a direct 30% increase in THC.
- Armor Dodge Class penalty affects attackers THC directly. So an armor with 5% DC penalty increases your opponents THC by 5%.
- You get an extra 3 defense points every 10 SP in dodge.
- New THC formula is (Attack - Defense)*0.01+0.5. Minimum chance is 5 + Attack/10.
- Smaller weapons now grant more THC, making them very effective against dodgers.
- Rebalanced weapon damage, adding more interesting differences between weapon types.
- Added portrait to Miltiades.
- Added light to the napalm fire.
- Increased the bypass chance of daggers.
- Perception now gives 5% THC per level instead of 4%.
- Non-Barbarian leather armors now accept hardened armor technique.
- Rebalanced the armors, adding meaningful differences between them.
- NPCs are more likely to use aimed attacks.
- Lowered THC penalty for infantry and tower shields.
- Added new loot items: goblets and plates, coming in bronze, silver and gold.
- Added an option to start the fight at the mine outside the barricades.
- You can now use a critical strike to take out the guard or the decanus at the mine.
- You can continue talking with Feng after asking him about Ibn Hadad al-Sarabi and about his past and Einar.
- You can now start the fight with the spies in AG1 before approaching them.
- Added an option to use the throwing and climbing hooks at the mine palisade.
- After the caravan battle in IG1, you can walk around and loot the battlefield.
- You can now betray the thieves guild with Linos once you know about the plan to steal the gold shipment.
- You can see the CS chance in the target cursor.
- Added the option to loot Carrinas and his guards after the HD2 battle. There's also a text adventure to escape the barracks.
- Modifiers to click on items in the inventory, looting, crafting, alchemy and trading screens:
  Ctrl = add one item to selection
  Alt = remove one item from selection
  Shift = select all items
  Alt+Shift = deselect all items
- You can now decompose several items at the crafting screen by CTRL+clik on a stack.
- Added some horses and cows to the town. We will add basic animations later.
New Side-Quests:
- There is a loremaster only encounter in one of the noble homes.
- You can cheat a noblewoman out of her jewels, or enter her house and steal them.
- You can now explore the blacksmith's house, similar to the exploration at Feng's place.
- You can talk to the merchant outside the inn and have some stealing and cheating options with him.


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